Your Home Network

March 24, 2006

We get a lot of questions in the forum regarding home networking.  People want to know what to get and how to set it up properly.  There is a lot of thought process that needs to go into setting up a network.  You need to think about not only what you have now, but what type of computer and other tech gadgets do you plan on incorporating in the future.

Plan ahead.  But look behind.

First of all, the router is the mamma of the network.  Buy a fast router, something like a D-link wireless G 108Mbps.  It’ll support the G standard, yet is also backwards compatible with the B standard.

Go wireless.  Don’t invest in major renovation projects just to run that Ethernet through the walls.  With WPA, wireless can be nearly as secure as a wired network. 

Also, remember that your Tivo and other tech gizmos are likely to need access to the network.  Employ security protocols that they can understand. 

Finally, make sure you have all of the latest patches for Windows, the drivers for the network adapters and the firmware updates for the router.


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