Smart Explorer

April 4, 2006


What is Smart Explorer?
Smart Explorer is a Web browser designed to expand, accelerate, and simplify the way you surf the web.

How does it work?
Using services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer, Smart Explorer renders and navigates HTML. SEs user interface is similar to Internet Explorer, so IE users will find Smart Explorer simple and easy to use. Smart Explorer even imports current IE bookmarks!

How does it speed up Internet browsing?
Smart Explorer enables users to open and browse multiple web sites all at once within the program by tiling or cascading windows so when youre waiting for one page to load, you can surf on another. You can even set web page download options disable or enable banner ads, pop up ads, pictures, sound, and other multimedia objects for lightning fast Internet browsing with no annoying distractions.

How does it improve search efficiency?
Integrated into Smart Explorer are 12 search engines and directories, 40 hot categories, and Amazon and eBay searches. You can search for a keyword on just one or on many of these search sites all at once – no need to manually open multiple windows for different searches.

I already use Internet Explorer. Why do I need something different?
Smart Explorer has all of the great features of Internet Explorer and more. It can stop pop-up windows, banner ads and other multimedia downloads to speed up browsing great for users with slow modem connections. Smart Explorer enables you to choose up to four home pages, easily imports skins so you can customize the appearance of the browser, tiles windows so you can browse on multiple windows at once, and includes many other enhanced features. Try it for yourself today!

What are Smart Explorer system requirements?
You will need a PC Pentium 166 or higher with 16MB RAM or more. The computer operating system should be Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT4.0, or Windows XP. Your current browser should be Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.


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