Reinstall SP2????? Mike Posted (02-07-2006)

April 7, 2006

I installed SP2 several months ago (Aug 2005) and since have kept up to
date with all the various updates and patches.

Lately I have had several problems and would like to know if you can
re-apply SP2.

1.     Can it be re-applied over all the various patches/hotfixes?
2.    Will Windows Update be smart enough to know that the patches
    after SP2 have been overwritten (or do they?)
3.    Also can SP2 be uninstalled after these additional patches have
    been downloaded/installed?  What are the problems that might
    happen after uninstall?  Will software installed after SP2 need

Thanks in advance,


Computer 2000's Reply

From your post, my understanding on this issue is: You have applied the SP2
and updated with all the various updates and patches on your Windows XP
machine. You have some concerns if you can re-apply SP2 on this machine. If
I misunderstand your concern, please let me know.

Based on my research, I would like to explain as below:

1. Yes, if you re-apply the SP2, the patches/hotfixes that released after
the SP2 need to be re-applied.

2. After these additional patches have been downloaded/installed, you can
uninstall the SP2. After you uninstall the SP2, the version of some system
files may be restore to earlier version.
For more information about how to remove SP2, please refer to the following
875350: How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2 from your computer

3. Regarding the question "Will software installed after SP2 need
re-installed?", I think some software may be need to reinstalled.

If you have any further questions, we also recommend Microsoft Advisory
Services, a remotely-delivered, consultative support option that adds the
element of proactive support, providing a comprehensive result beyond your
break-fix product maintenance needs. More information on this service here:

I hope this information is helpful in getting started and we invite you to
post again with any specific break/fix issues


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