Toshiba unveils 160GB 1.8-in. hard drive

June 14, 2008

Toshiba Corp. today plans to introduce two new 1.8-in. hard drives, which the company claims can reduce the storage footprint in ultraportable and subnotebook PCs by as much as 40% compared to traditional 2.5-in. drives.

Toshiba said the single-platter 80GB MK8017GSG and dual-platter 160GB MK1617GSG drives will ship to mobile PC manufacturers and resellers in August. Patty Kim, product marketing manager at the Toshiba storage device division in Irvine, Calif., declined to disclose pricing plans.

The single platter 80GB drive replaces Toshiba’s two-platter 80GB MK8016GSG 1.8-in. drive that was unveiled in February. Toshiba upped the areal density on its single-platter 80GB drive to 246.8 gigabits per square inch, compared to the older model’s 182.8 gigabits per square inch.


Toshiba’s new dual-platter 160GB MK1617GSG drive


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