Add Run to your Vista Start menu

August 10, 2008

Where’s the Run entry on Vista’s Start menu gone? If you’re familiar with the Windows XP Start menu, you might realize that “Run” is missing in Vista. This is how you run programs by typing in the path to them. On Vista Microsoft decided to hide this feature.

It’s still there, though. Just press the Windows Key and R together and the dialog box will appear. However, if you want it to be on the Start Menu permanently, follow this tip. Here’s how:

The easiest way to get Run to show up in Vista is to use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R. 

However, if you want to put the link back on the Start Menu, right-click on the Start button and click Properties. On the Start Menu tab, click Customize

The Customize Start Menu dialog will then be displayed. 

Scroll down to the Run command and check the box. 

Finally, click OK and OK again.

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