Linux – You Can Do It!

August 14, 2008

Linux Pros

  • It’s free—and even if you get a paid version with tech support, it’s still cheaper than Windows.
  • The major distros have a wealth of useful programs, and more await you on the Internet.
  • Hackers and virus writers rarely target Linux.
  • You’ll find lots of willing tech help on the Internet.
  • It dual-boots nicely with Windows.
  • It boots, loads programs, and performs tasks more quickly than Windows.
  • It’s continuously updated.
  • Its mascot is a penguin. Who doesn’t like penguins?

Linux Cons

  • Its techie origins still shine through; before you can believe you’re doing it, you’ll find yourself opening a Linux "terminal" and typing commands.
  • It’s not a standard in many companies, so if you need to work from home on your own PC, you’ll have to make adjustments.
  • If you need to work with complex Windows documents, you might find it difficult or impossible because you can’t import the documents or there’s no Linux application with comparable features.
  • Installing new programs and hardware drivers can be significantly more difficult than on Windows.
  • Many games won’t run on Linux.


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