September 2, 2008

One day after Microsoft released the second public beta for Internet Explorer 8, readers have contacted Microsoft  with warnings about its installation and sites and services that are incompatible. While such behavior is expected of beta software, some problems appear to exist within Microsoft services themselves.

Microsoft acknowledges some of this. In a blog on Wednesday, Microsoft IE developers explain how IE 8 users running Windows XP SP3 will not be able to downgrade back to IE 7 without uninstalling the service pack first. Indeed, depending on which version of Windows a person has, 32-bit or 64-bit edition, it will require specific steps to either install or remove the browser. For example, Windows Vista users must be running SP1 before installing IE 8 Beta 2.

Known issues with Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 can be found in knowledgebase article 949787 and include problems with ClearType, exiting out of Windows Live Mail (Hotmail), and various problems when using search.

Windows Live Meeting doesn’t recognize Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 as one of its supported browsers.

Among the more embarrassing user-reported problems is one using Windows Live Meeting 2007 with IE 8 Beta 2 installed. CNET News has confirmed that Live Meeting, both using the Web-based and client download version, does not run under Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. Nor does the built-in compatibility feature within IE 8 Beta 2 correct the glitch.

Another user-reported problem accessing Netflix "Watch Now," an online streaming feature.

Are there other significant services that will not run within this new browser? Share your comments below.

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