Online Job Interviews

September 8, 2008

As I was perusing the internet I came across the following headline : T-Systems launches online job interview tool. You are probably more familiar with T-Systems or at least the T-systems parent company than you think. It is a Deutsch Telekom also known as the owner of T-Mobile. Needless to say, it is part of a big international telecom company.

This new software tool, known as the “Job Interview Manager” (JIM) requires only a headset (and preferably webcam) and a computer connected to the internet in order for the interviews to take place. The potential employer sends out and invitation email with the link and login information to the candidate and they meet at the specified time online. The idea is that, this is a better way than a basic phone interview to get through the initial interview screening as it is more intimate. It also has a system that allows files to quickly be sent so CVs, resumes, notes, and work samples can be shared seamlessly and automatically saved (source).

T-Systems will be debuting their new software later this month at “Zunkunift Personal” (future staff), Europe’s largest HR exhibition. Because T-Systems is responsible for Internet solutions for large corporations and medium-sized enterprises around the globe, if this is received well, it might be something that takes off in the US in the future.

Now, online job interviews are nothing new, less we forget Second Life’s job fair last year. There are also companies like Live Hire that specialize in online interviews.

There is another component though. I’m sure everyone has seen those commercials that MAC laptops are now outselling PC laptops on college campuses.  All new MAC’s come with iChat, a program that allows video conferencing with multiple computers provided your internet connection is fast enough to support it, and a built in webcam and microphone.  This, in addition to systems like Blackboard (now with video surveillance!) and other online learning tools; webinar courses etc at college campuses means this next generation entering the workforce is going to be so used to having everything completely integrated online that the idea of a ‘web screen’ versus a ‘phone screen’ is going to seem normal.

Now, I am not sure if T-Systems is going to be the company that makes this the norm, but I think that these type of interviews are just around the corner.


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