Mozy Online Backup, I love it

October 15, 2008

Mozy is the simple way to back up all the important stuff on your computer so in the event of disaster, your data is still retrievable. There’s no need to worry about external hardware or tedious manual backups; Simply download Mozy, select the types of files you want to back up, and Mozy does the rest. A copy of your files is safely stored in secure, offsite data centers. Mozy offers home users 2 GB of backup space for free. Theres no credit card, no monthly payment or fee, and no expiration date. Just free, secure online backup for as long as you want it. You can even earn 256 MB of free space for each friend you refer. Or purchase unlimited storage space for only $4.95 per month.

Both the free and unlimited versions offer you open-locked file support, byte-level differential backups, 30-day file version archives, bandwidth throttling, private key encryption (optional), and multiple data restoration methods. Software is available for Windows and Mac users. Version 1.8.10 adds 256-bit AES encryption for custom key in new installs, improves restoring files to the root directory of a drive.

Since I work at home with no IT department backing up a network drive, backing up my important data’s up to me. I bought an unlimited Mozy subscription for off-site backup in case of fire, flood, theft, or tsunami, and use Time Machine and SyncBack to run regular local backups to a FireWire drive.

"Tests by heise Security show that four of the six services tested were vulnerable to attack.. . .Only Mozy provided valuable information and warned users that they may be under attack. Carbonite simply issued the vague message "Server not reachable due to maintenance"

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One Response to “Mozy Online Backup, I love it”

  1. Ben Says:

    Interesting article. I found another service that seems to do all these do and also helps recover lost computers. BackUPMAX Online Backup is a new service I think you should have a look at.

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