Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Beta 2

February 8, 2009

Whenever I hear the word “Pro” and “Microsoft” in the same package, I get inherently nervous because it’s often nothing more than a few add-ons for hundreds of dollars more.

The first thing to warn you about is upgrading from Office 2007 with this package. You are almost certainly going to experience a myriad of upgrade problems, compatibility issues and goodness knows what else. certainly. Note that you’ll certainly need a considerable amount of time to adjust to upgrading to this new version of Office although those used to the Classic version will probably have least problem and for the cost of the upgrade, it’s debatable whether it actually increases productivity or speed of use at all. The ribbons in particular are still cluttered, poorly organised and occupy too much of the desktop. In addition, there’s not much added functionality although they have manged to make sure that the ‘saved’ file sizes are smaller. I really can’t see much reason in upgrading from Office 2003 based on this very frustrating version of 2007 but if you really do enjoy constant technical hiccups and error messages, then go ahead.

About the license:

To use this beta version you must have a Windows Live ID (also used for Widows Live Messenger and all other “Live” services from Microsoft) and an activation key (free).


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