Ubuntu Box Distro Hits Consumer Stores For $19.99

February 20, 2009

The aim is to provide Ubuntu to users who want the software and support conveniently presented in a boxed set. Making it available through Best Buy is an opportunity to reach users who are unaware of Ubuntu or who are bandwidth restricted and don’t want to download Ubuntu themselves.

Linux is moving a little bit more to center this week with Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Linux distros becoming available at bestbuy.com and amazon.com for $19.99.  It includes OpenOffice, FireFox, Evolution email, Rhythmbox media player, and MP3 support. While Wal-Mart has offered Linux based computers at their stores on low end PCs and laptops, this marks a first for boxed Linux Distros at consumer electronics stores like Best Buy.

ValuSoft is packaging the application and it includes printed documentation and 60 days of unlimited customer support.

ValuSoft advertising goes right for the consumer panic button with this line; “You’re right in the middle of an important procedure when your computer freezes and crashes, erasing your data and costing you hours of extra work.” We’ll see how well that works on the masses.


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