Comcast to launch OnDemand Online

February 25, 2009

If you haven’t gotten over the 250GB per month cap
that Comcast instated last October, you now have another reason to be
unhappy about it. Other than that caveat, the following is good news.

According to BusinessInsider, Comcast announced Friday that it’s going to offer a new online service, tentatively called “OnDemand Online” that will be  available by the end of this year. The service is similar to Hulu,
with one major difference when it comes to content: while Hulu offers
mostly TV shows from broadcast networks, Comcast’s OnDemand Online will offer content from cable networks, most of which haven’t been offered
online yet.

Most of the content on Comcast’s OnDemand Online will be available
for free to Comcast subscribers, but the company doesn’t rule out the
possibility of pay-per-view items.

However, even if all the content is available for free, chances are
you might not be able to enjoy them, as Comcast doesn’t exempt
streaming from OnDemand Online from its 250GB per month ration.

If you are a single and light user, this is unlikely to be a
problem. However, if you share your connection with a bunch of hardcore
content streamers, you will very possibly run out of gigabytes before
the end of a month.

On the other hand, some of us probably won’t be able to take
advantage of the service at all, as it will only be available to people
who live in Comcast TV areas. It will not be available to people who
can’t subscribe to Comcast or don’t live in a Comcast zone.

You are not, however, required to use an Internet connection via Comcast service to use the new OnDemand Online.

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