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March 12, 2009

LogMeIn Free

Free remote access is a reality with LogMeIn. Secure and ease-of-use come together in a powerful remote control solution that’s 100% free and gives you full control of your home or work computer from anywhere you are with an Internet connection. LogMeIn is Web-based so it’s far easier to use than alternatives–yet offers layers of security that others just don’t including end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption, dual authentication and RSA SecureID. Control your computer from anywhere quickly, easily, and securely.


  • Setup and ease of use rival GoToMyPC
  • Access to all files and programs via Web browser
  • 256-bit encryption

LogMeIn Free is a boon for GoToMyPC users looking to access a single PC while they’re out of the office or away from home. While it won’t actually let you transfer files, you can e-mail them via the host PC or use a free file-sharing service like to transfer large files. Upload the file from your host PC to the site, click a link on the PC you’re using, and files up to 500MB will download to the computer you’re currently using. An OS X version is available for Mac users. Install it on an OS X machine, and you’ll be able to control your Mac from the Web even if you’re on a PC. And the built-in 256-bit encryption puts GoToMyPC to shame.

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TeamViewer is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. To connect to another computer just run TeamViewer on both machines without the need of an installation procedure. With the first start automatic partner IDs are generated on both computers. Enter your partner’s ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately. With over 15 million users TeamViewer is a standard tool to give support and assistance to people in remote locations. The software can also be used for presentations, where you can show your own desktop to a partner. TeamViewer is completely free for private use.

Version 4.0.5671 includes TeamViewer now runs on Windows 7,TeamViewer remembers the position and size of the file transfer windows,Enhanced support for umlauts in invitation e-mail.


  • Speedy and simple file transfers
  • 256-bit encryption

TeamViewer lets users access their desktops remotely, run programs, and transfer files between computers. For private, noncommercial use, it’s 100 percent free and secures sessions with 256-bit encryption. While you will have to launch a program to gain access to your PC remotely, the file is available from the front page of the TeamViewer site; it’s less than 2MB and runs as a simple executable, so there’s nothing to install. This app is also available in an OS X-friendly version for Mac users.

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One Response to “Remote Access Software For Free”

  1. Luck Says:

    I like logmein but I`m not sure that it is secure.
    I read that you can be easily attacked by phishers if you use logmein or gotomypc. I found this information here

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