Tracking swine flu on the internet

April 29, 2009

The spread of a new swine flu is quickly becoming a worldwide concern. The Web, of course, is an ideal resource for learning more about it, but there is plenty of misinformation as well. Here are the sites we recommend turning to.

The Centers for Disease Control : The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is the best swine flu resource on the Web. You can learn about the outbreak of the flu and find key facts that help you understand it. There’s a video podcast by a physician, giving you in-depth information about the flu’s signs and symptoms, how it’s transmitted, and steps you can take to protect yourself. This should be your first stop.

Flu Wiki : The Flu Wiki from Wikia helps you learn about influenza. From its symptoms to its varied strains, the site provides a wealth of knowledge on just about any flu topic. It also has a swine flu wiki page that, while helpful, could be more in-depth. But since the swine flu is somewhat similar to other influenza strains, the Flu Wiki will still come in handy.

Google Maps swine flu outbreak map: The swine flu outbreak map helps you find every known instance of the swine flu around the world. The map also provides information on the current state of the ill person. It will be continuously updated, so you can track it each day. But like following minute-by-minute stock market fluctuations, we don’t recommend dwelling on this site.

HealthMap: If you want to try out another map to see where the swine flu is heading, HealthMap is for you. It provides information from a variety of sources. And it maps all the known outbreaks of sicknesses ranging from the swine flu to Typhoid. It’s a great resource at any time of the year.

WebMD: WebMD offers information about the disease’s symptoms, treatment, and prevention. The site has a “Swine Flu FAQ” page that answers a variety of questions you’re probably looking to have answered. The information isn’t as in-depth as what you’ll get from the CDC, but it’s close.


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