What is a Computer Registry ?

May 23, 2009

A registry for your Windows based computer is essentially the nervous system for your PC.  It holds all of the information for the programs, the hardware and the settings that your computer requires to operated.  Basically, it is set up into five separate components – each serving an important purpose in the operation of your computer.

Often when a computer starts to bog down or crash, it is because there is an error in the registry.  Errors here can be caused by software being installed or removed, changes in computer settings from your control panel, power outages where you computer shuts down while it is processing information and even from malicious files such as trojans and viruses even after they have been removed or fixed.

Experts recommend that you should have some sore of a registry monitoring and repair program installed on your computer to ensure proper operation.

A program such as Registry Patrol is free to install and operate and it keeps a close eye on your registry to prevent and repair any types of problems it finds.


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