Add a Front-Panel LCD to Your PC

May 26, 2009

Besides looking flat-out cool, a drive-bay LCD can show practical data suchAntec - Multimedia Station Premier_1243360271543 as internal temperatures, fan speeds, news headlines, even audio levels or track info when you’re playing your favorite MP3 files. Many drive-bay screens also come with a remote control and a built-in infrared (IR) port, so you can control your computer and play back your media files from across the room. If you’re building or repurposing a PC primarily for audio and video playback, a drive-bay screen is a great addition. Plus, most are quick and easy to set up.

We installed a readily available LCD-bay device: Antec’s Veris Multimedia Station Premier, which can be found online for around $100. This unit takes up two 5.25-inch drive bays, stacked vertically. The kit comes with a remote control in the box, and an IR receiver on the front face of the unit picks up the remote’s signal. In addition to the LCD screen, the Multimedia Station provides an array of media-playback buttons and a nicely tactile volume knob on its face.

  • IR receiver with LCD display to see system information, adjust the volume, check email status, and more
  • IR receiver mounts in external 5.25″ drive bay
  • Sleek remote with incredible functionality, allowing user to play and manage media, change settings, and browse via the easy-to-use Thumb Pad Mouse controller
  • IMEDIAN software allows the playback of most media formats
    through internal codecs, full 1080p HD support, and a simple and
    convenient graphical interface
  • Support for CD/DVD, removable storage, network media, and digital/TV analog cards
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows XP™ and Vista™

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3 Responses to “Add a Front-Panel LCD to Your PC”

  1. Jack.F Says:

    Samsung LN52A650
    I am a huge fan! The picture is perfect to me very crisp even on fast action movies. It is very bright as well, which is perfect in my sunny living room. Finally I think Smart because the integration with the other Samsung product is very smooth, one remote for all without even thinking about it. The plus is you can configure your stocks, weather and local news to show up on the screen. Oh and did I mention the HDTV receiver integrated, it automatically configured a bunch of channel found in the cable; as I only use an Apple TV and a Blu ray player, finding some HDTV channel on the airwave was perfect… loving this product.

  2. cool article i like it. thank you

  3. Great post. this is what I looking for, thanks

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