Smart Outlook add-ons, Two

July 14, 2009


If you puzzle over the best way to save keystrokes, check out Anagram. The free-to-try companion app works with Outlook,, Gmail, Palm Desktop, and NetSuite (there’s also a version for BlackBerry.) On a desktop, hit the hot-key combo to copy text. Anagram works out if the text belongs in an address book, calendar, or new e-mail message.


Searching for a contact or message in Microsoft Outlook used to require generous patience because of the program’s leisurely pace. Comparatively, Xobni is a Olympic sprinter.

Search for a name or subject in its cheery modern interface and it will produce a list of correspondence lickety split. You can reply, forward, or open a message or document from Xobni. It also throws in public information scraped from Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, and Hoovers to add extra personal context. Dataheads get the additional gift of e-mail stats.


Similar to Anagram, free-to-try Gwabbit focuses only on contact creation, but takes it one step further. Rather than have you highlight key data points, Gwabbit scans the signature block and automatically fills in a new contact record.

Google Calendar Sync beta

The fastest way to fill in your Google or Outlook calendars is to let them feed each other. Google Calendar Sync beta is a freebie that shuttles events unidirectionally or bidirectionally between the two services.


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