Yahoo Reveals Its ‘Most Significant Redesign Ever’

August 7, 2009

Yahoo unveiled a redesigned front page on Tuesday, billing it as the Web portal’s most significant redesign ever. Taking a cue from Google’s iGoogle, the new page is gives users a way to personalize so they can check in with other sites, such as Facebook or Gmail using a brand-new “My Favorites” section. Yahoo has built Web widgets that link to more than 65 other sites. These can all be added with a simple point and click, but users can add their own Web sites too and edit the layout of the front page.

The redesigned front page is leaner and more contemporary looking, featuring less advertising than its predecessor. For example, Yahoo has scrapped its “Marketplace” section, which featured links to advertising. Users in the U.S. should start seeing links to the new homepage when they visit, starting Tuesday (If you’re not offered the page, you can check it out by visiting this page) and it will roll-out in the U.K., France, and India over the next week.

A new version of for mobile users is set to launch next week. Spain and Mexico are slated to get updated sometime next month. The new design has already been beta tested by tens of thousands of users, and the new design should be available worldwide by early next year, said Tapan Bhat, Yahoo’s senior vice president of integrated consumer experiences. “What we are doing over here is making users at the heart and the core of Yahoo.”


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