How to Buy Airline Tickets Online

August 11, 2009

The Web lets you search easily for the best fares and never puts you on hold for a travel agent. But beware: even if a site searches multiple airlines, it may not offer the cheapest fares possible – some sites have special deals only available to them. Investigate several sites before you purchase your tickets.

Check several computer reservation systems and online ticket brokers to find available flights and get an idea of price ranges, or click the box for “airline ticket” in the eHow shopping list and choose the “shop online” option for price information. Prices vary from broker to broker, and some have special deals.

Check an airline’s official site for any deals offered only through the airline itself. Many of the best deals are offered for flights that week.

Access the site that offers the best deal. When prompted, enter necessary information such as time and location of arrival and departure, number of passengers and flight class (first class, economy, etc.).

Notice if the site gives you a choice of delivery options. If it does, choose the one that’s best for you. If the site offers an “e-ticket” option, that’s usually best because you don’t have to pay any shipping charges or be available to receive a shipment.

Pay by credit card on a secure  server. If you’re not comfortable with online credit card transactions, you may be able to pay by check. If you can’t find any information on alternative payment methods on the site, contact the site’s administrators.


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